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Studio 5

This studio was renovated in June 2020 with new Contract Wood flooring and a new lighting system. The perfect room for our classes!


The Mounier Sports Centre is easily accessible by public transport.

Centre Sportif Mounier
Avenue Emmanuel Mounier, 87
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert


How do I get there?

Here's a list of public transport options.
Otherwise, Google maps is also a great help ;-)

Ring 0 - Exit Wezembeek-Oppen - Direction Kraainem (N226)

METRO STIB Line 1 stop "Crainhem" (Kraainem)


  • Bus 79 - Mounier stop (in front of the sports center)

  • Bus 36, Bus 76, Bus 77, Bus No5 - stop Kraainem


  • Bus 315, Bus 316, Bus 317, Bus 352 - stop Kraainem

​Find Studio 5

Here are some directions to join us at Studio 5 but don't hesitate to ask the reception for directions ;-)

From the parking lot, passing through the entrance next to the bicycle parking lot, you will find the studio on your left, at level -1.

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