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Season 2023/24

from 16 September 2023 to 25 May 2024
(28 weeks of classes)

Small group sizes
Trilingual FR-NL-EN

K-pop classes

Join us to learn iconic choreography and develop your stage presence. Our intention is to create a space where passion and energy meet. Our philosophy is to offer you an environment where you can express yourself freely, build your confidence and stimulate your creativity.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable K-pop dance experience by joining us today!

We offer 2 levels (beginner or intermediate) and 2 styles for the intermediate level: K-pop Beginner, K-pop Girly Intermediate, K-pop Hip-Hop Intermediate.

Depending on the group, lessons can be given in French, Dutch or English.

Minimum age: 14 years old

3 types of course

K-pop Beginner

Ready to dive into the world of K-pop? Whether you're a complete dance beginner or have little experience, this class is specially designed to introduce you to the different dance styles found in the world of K-pop. From girly, to hip-hop, to contemporary dance, all styles can be covered in this class, depending on what students want to do.

Our 'K-pop beginner' class is designed to help students acquire the essential basics of K-pop dance, so that they become familiar with the movements characteristic of this unique style. By focusing on the fundamentals, participants will be able to make rapid progress in learning the choreography, while developing their coordination, musicality and confidence on the dance floor.

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K-pop Girly Intermediate

Girly dance is a style of dance characterised by fluid movements, delicate gestures and a feminine aesthetic. In K-pop, girly dance is often used to convey an image of charm, innocence and femininity. Our school offers specific courses to help you learn and master this unique style.

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K-pop Hip-Hop Intermediate

Hip-hop is a dynamic and expressive form of urban dance that has its roots in the world of K-pop. By mixing hard-hitting movements, body isolations and acrobatic figures, hip-hop dance brings a powerful energy to the performances of K-pop boygroups and girlgroups. In our specialised hip-hop classes, you'll have the opportunity to learn basic techniques, develop your sense of rhythm and immerse yourself in the dynamic urban culture of hip-hop dance.

and I guarantee my place!

Kpop débutant
Kpop Girly
Kpop Hip-Hop
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